A Chapel

In the heart of the woods in Birmingham you might find a chapel. 

It's private, unassuming, and in my opinion- perfect.

One of my relatives commissioned the incredibly talented architect, Bill Ingram, to design a quaint chapel tucked in the woods behind their house.

It's simply a quiet retreat. Where you can go to have alone time, pray, or just to be still


On Bill Ingram's website there's a wonderful statement about the art of restraint. I think it's quite fitting for this chapel, this architect, and this blog post... so here is an excerpt: 

"It seems that, somewhere along the way, ours has become a cluttered world.  

We inhabit cluttered spaces.


And, in many ways, our thinking reflects that environment with noise - with gadgetry and ornament.  

And the spaces we fill are distracting. 

We seek balance in our lives with things

But... balance is found in the art of restraint. 
IMG_8717  IMG_8671 

By definition, elegance is the height of art. Elegance and opulence must never be confused - for one chokes the sensuality from the other.  

When a space is in harmony it resonates.


It beckons peace. 

Creates romance. 


 It gives quiet drama to our living.


 It enhances our spirit."

Well said, Bill.

Here's to finding a space in your home that brings you peace. 

pictures from me; quote from Bill Ingram Architect website