Kitchen Living

Let's be honest- nowadays people live in their kitchens. And I love seeing houses that attempt to blur the line between the kitchen and living room. Or kitchen and dining room. Thinking outside the traditional layout of a home and creating a space that is more functional for their family.

I saw this kitchen recently and really liked the concept- (and the design, of course)...




Can't decide between having a table in the kitchen vs an island? This way you have both! They put a slab of stone at the end of the dining table (raised to counter height) so it would feel like a part of the kitchen. I love this idea.

So, the question is: "Where is all the stuff??" 

In a working pantry adjacent to kitchen/living area. I've learned that the best way to combine a kitchen/living/or dining area have a bigger pantry.



A 12' long secondhand sink that they found at a restaurant supply place. Very cool... and very functional.

 The owner, Ruard Veltman, says: "I'm torn between two things: a very clean, modern kitchen with everything hidden, and a very utilitarian space with everything on open shelves — glasses, dishes, equipment, food. By having two rooms, I can have it both ways." 

Another kitchen I could see spending a lot of time in...


The owner is Richard Norris (who is the business manager for Mcalpine Tankersley in Montgomery, AL- meaning: he had GOOD help!). He wanted the kitchen to have the feel of a traditional dining room. So the sink area acts as a buffet/sideboard and the oval island a dining table.

Where's all the stuff? In the pantry.


Ina Garten's kitchen definitely doubles as a living area. 

Where's the Barefoot Contessa's {endless supply of} stuff??

My point exactly.

On another note, thanks again for all of your incredibly nice comments from my last post. Seriously, y'all are too good to me. 


(1) Designer: Ruard Veltman via House Beautiful; photo credit: Eric Piasecki (2) via House Beautiful; photo credit: William Abranowicz (3) via House Beautiful; photo credit: Simon Upton