Garden & Gun

Remember when I posted about the barn swing being the highlight of my year? Well apparently it's the gift that keeps on giving. 
Little did I know that this special swing would find its way to the cover of a magazine. .!!?

GG Cover
From the second I got the news I have been speechless since.  I am beyond honored to be a part of this awesome magazine and among the list of talented southern designers and artisans. (Including my friends, Matt & Carrie, from the hippest store in Nashville- Imogene and Willie.)

Really... Speechless.


Full of soul and Southern charm, Garden & Gun has become one of my very favorite magazines. It's not just for Southerners! Once you pick up a copy you'll see-  It's effortlessly cool. Their writing, photography and approach to stories is so down to earth and REAL. No bells and whistles. No team of stylists. What you see is what you get.

Haskell Harris, the {effortlessly cool} associate editor, called and said "OK, we're sending a photographer over in one week to photograph you at Ronnie's barn."

I panicked.   "But.. what do I wear?!!"

 "Well... what do you usually wear when you go out there?" she asked.

"Uhhh....jeans and my cowboy boots." 



*Thanks to all of you who have sent me sweet, encouraging emails and comments. I am so very grateful.

 Garden & Gun, August/September Issue 

Go getcha' one!!


*Special thanks* to Haskell (read her stylin' blog!) , Ingrid, and the G&G team- y'all rock! *to Tina Adams for helping me put those jeans and cowboy boots with the right tops and accessories:),* to Hollis Bennett- the incredibly talented photographer that is responsible for these pictures, *to my encouraging and patient husband, Hoyt- for sitting there at the shoot and telling me when my hair was stuck to my lip gloss * to RD and Janine- for letting me take over your swing, and for challenging me to be the most creative I can be.  *Thanks y'all*