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  • There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. I had a friend one time say "If I had ONE wish right now it would be that the world would just STOP for a few hours- so I could GET STUFF DONE!" It makes me laugh because.... seriously??? THAT would be your one wish?? But let's admit- we've all felt that way at one point. For me? It's been lately.
  • Working Hard. Playing Hard. 
  • And trying my best not to melt in this HEAT!



  • I've spent time on a plane
  • Meaning... time to sketch up ideas and rooms. Something I love to do. 

Airport sketch  And YES the people sitting next to me usually inquire:

"Is that your bedroom, honey?" -woman in window seat

"No ma'am. It's just a room I sort of designed." -me

"Mmm-hmmm....For a SCHOOL PROJECT ??"

(Can't blame her. I look like I'm 18 and travel with my pillow for crying out loud.)

 Before I can answer the gruff man from the aisle seat chimes in-  "My wife just bought a bed like that.... cost me a freakin' FORTUNE!"

Hmmmm....Well, highschool is a dream. Excuse me while I pull out my neon pink chewing gum and turn up my ipod. 

  • Time in the plane also means: time to look through all my catalogs.!! Seriously guys- they're some great stuff out right now.  Here is what I've found:

Slipcovered sofas for DAYS...

Love this! From none other than.... Z Gallerie? Oh yes. Rock ON, Z!!

The Ikea slipcovered sofa (click HERE to read Joni's post on this at Cote de Texas- it's a good one)


The Wisteria

from West Elm.

Westelm rug2 

West Elm is looking masculine lately.. and I like it! Especially the rug-

And I can't decide if I like these pillows or not... very Nashville, I must say. 


I actually like them better in this picture:


And these martini tables are awesome!! You can tuck them in anywhere.


Garnet Hill is now carrying Brahms Mount throws! These chevron cotton ones are SO soft and great... Trust me. You want one.


This rustic headboard from Sundance Catalog caught my eye...

51604  51604_1  

So did this one from Anthropologie...


Some cool barstools from Wisteria...

Wisteria stools  Picture 4
And I'm loving this Darth Vater alarm clock from Urban Outfitters...



Wake UP, everybody! 

It's Tuesday....And it's HOT. again!

Be back soon.