MAQs.... let's try this.

I've gotten a lot of emails and comments asking details about projects I post on the blog. I am truly flattered that you ask!! Really, I am. But since my clients pay me to come up with a plan for their home and implement the design I can't share every detail of their project on the blog. That wouldn't be fair to them. It's the tricky part of this business... and blog. 

BUT- here's what I will do. Any time I post projects that I've done I will answer the most asked question (MAQ). I've thought about this for a while and it seems like a happy medium. 

***The MAQ from my last post was- what is the dark paint color of the cabinets?

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze.

(It's a great color- I use it often.)

 Thanks for understanding and I really, really appreciate your encouraging comments. It means SO much to me!