Dressed to Renovate

I'm back... and I finally have some recent projects to share with you. 

Today- A kitchen renovation! I especially enjoy these kinds of projects because a) I love kitchens and b) I love knocking out walls. Being able to transform a space by removing/adding walls is fascinating... it keeps me up at night. (in a good way :) ... (if there IS such a thing?)

To hold your attention here's a sneak peek: 


 This particular client is a super talented wardrobe consultant here in Nashville- Tina Adams from Tina & Rebecca. Tina and I love to discuss the parallels in our jobs... we both assist people in makeovers- whether that's your wardrobe or your living room.  She told me in the beginning- "I dress like I decorate my house: mostly whites and caramels  in classic shapes with some subtle modern touches thrown in for good measure.  Pops of color here and there.  Love vintage."

Now, when a client says this to Tina she thinks: "a fitted white blouse with knockout jewelry," and when she said this to me I immediately thought: "Splurge on the marble countertops- then add rich paint colors and interesting lights."

At-white-shirt-604= 865c994113d1

So we did just that.

(Drumroll please..)





after !


(If it came with a sound effect it would be THIS.)

After our first meeting I came up with a rough plan that involved some minor demolition... 

Adams kitchen plan
 <We ended up changing some things that are on this plan but you get the idea>

 The main concept was getting rid of the "breakfast room" attached to the kitchen and expanding into that unused space. 

before (you can see breakfast room in the back)


 after !


Ahhhh.. so much more space!



 after !


I snapped this picture shortly after Tina made me the best slice of sourdough bread I've ever had. Her client from Knoxville has nursed/fed this dough for years! I had it toasted with jelly on it... Amazing. I'm going to need to get in touch with this Knoxville client ASAP.

Anyway, back to the kitchen...


I have to admit- my favorite part of the entire renovation was the jewelry light fixtures. (Shocking, I know- Rachel loves light fixtures!?)


I had seen these lights online (new design by Suzanne Kasler for Visual Comfort) but had not seen them in person. Since they were a Kasler design I knew they had to be fabulous so I bit the bullet and ordered two.  

Tina and I both squealed when we opened up the box. Then squealed again when they were hung, and ... you get the picture. I'm obsessed with these light fixtures. They add so much to the room- like Tina says: "They're the perfect pair of earrings"... or Steeplechase hats?

Tinacrown  Photo
 I couldn't imagine these lights against any old white ceiling... so we had the ceiling painted Sherwin Williams Magnetic Gray in satin oil finish for a soothing backdrop.

We also tied in a vintage look with the hardware. The egg shaped knobs and the pulls are both in antique brass from Restoration Hardware. Not too shiny, not too dull- a great mix.

IMG_8385  IMG_8372


 We used an existing piece (a flea market find by Tina) for the 'kitchen island'... I like how it adds a feminine touch to the kitchen. 


Makeover Complete.

Now it's time for my wardrobe!

 To find out more about Tina & Rebecca Wardrobe Consulting check out there great blog! HERE.