I'm still here.

And am in the mood for a good lantern!

I LOVE lanterns and have been putting them everywhere lately. I really like seeing them over an eating area or dining table. It's unexpected and sets a casual tone for an otherwise dressy room...

Picture 2
via my home ideas; photo by Matthew Gilson 


J Randall Powers viaHouse Beautiful

Picture 1
via urban electric 

Via cotedetexas_lantern1
via Things that Inspire 

  64164-quirky-touch-r-l urban grace
Erika Powell, via Southern Living, photo by Erica Georges Dines

Nancy boszhardt 

Nancy Boszhardt via House Beautiful


Jill Sharp via House Beautiful

Melanie pounds
Melanie Pounds via BHG

via Things that Inspire/ Traditional Home

TTN: When picking out a light fixture to go over your table don't forget to consider a lantern!

Is anyone doing anything fun over Memorial Day weekend?

 I'm going on a quick vacation but will be back next week!