Hope for Haiti.... and Nashville too.

Most of the time on this blog I love to talk about pretty, beautiful interiors and how much I love my job (I do). But there are other times when I can't bring myself to talk about table skirts and lamps- and all I want to do is adopt an orphan, save puppies from puppy mills, build a school, feed the homeless, pretty much-   change the world. (Sounds like a reasonable side job ??) Because while most people just want to change a few things in their homes, there are plenty of people out there who don't even have one.

I continue to juggle these two worlds (don't we all??) and since there seems to be a lot of NEED going around lately I want to share a few ways to help. 

First: Nashville.

Even though the water has gone down people are still without homes. Their cherished belongings are now a soaking pile of trash in their front yard. And most people have gotten the news that insurance will not cover the damage! They need all the help they can get. Here are a few unique ways to give back:

Loveyourneighbor_large  Premium_large
You can show your support and getting a cool poster! Win/Win. Click HERE to see others.

The first one with the guitar is my favorite- at the bottom it reads "Love your neighbor". Could be a year-round piece of art!

I also just saw over at Style Blueprint that you can actually EAT OUT (TONIGHT ONLY!) in Nashville to support the cause.  A huge list of restaurants have agreed to donate 50% of tonight's meals to the Flood Relief!   Are you kidding??? (I  Heart Nashville.)

 Click HERE to read more and get the full list of restaurants. And go EAT!

While we are on the subject of still needing help in a big way...



This upcoming weekend I am helping with a fundraiser one of my dear friends is putting on in Nashville. It is actually a sale. (The magic word around here!) It is a supporting Haitian women and children through a program called Centre Lumiere. This self-help program provides income for hundreds of women, and teaches them about the bible, health, and home ec skills- primarily: sewing. They are given a chance to provide for their families and more importantly- they are given HOPE.

Picture 5 
Ever since the earthquake their community has been flooded with refugees. With the increase in orphans the women are caring for 5-10 more people than they normally would. !! Can you imagine 7 more kids showing up at your house one day? ... and then staying?

So needless to say- they, also, need ALL the help they can get. And we can support these women and children by buying some of their beautiful hand made items at the sale. (including pillows, dish towels, aprons, hats, purses, table linens, etc.)

Haiti - pics 1  Haiti pics v1 1 

Here is all the info:

Hope for haiti

So if you are in the Nashville area this weekend please come by!

*If you can't make it to the sale and would like to make a donation to support this cause, you can send donations to: Beth Jones; 5008 Wyoming Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209

Write checks to: "Loving Shepherd Ministries" and write "haiti" in the memo line.

 Thank you for listening. Tomorrow I will be back with burlap.

 Did I mention I like to juggle?

for more information on Centre Lumiere in Haiti click here.