A great online paint tool...

I want to share with you a helpful online paint tool that I use quite often: Easy RGB.

Let's say you go over to a friend's house and her living room is painted the OLD Porter's Indian Ivory

You come home and realize you only have a Sherwin Williams paint deck...Crap. How can you figure out a close match to Indian Ivory without having to go through Porter??? 

Go to Easy RGB (easyrgb.com) and follow these instructions:

From the toolbar at the top click on "From Commercial Tints to RGB"

Type in the original color name you want to match and select its brand from the drop down menu. (see below)

Picture 7 
 Press Start.

Then you should see the name of the paint with a bunch of weird #s below it (unless you typed it in wrong)

Click "Get Commercial Tints"

You should now see a page like this:

Picture 10 

Don't mess with the color numbers that have appeared and ignore the HTML color # part.. just leave that blank
Last step- just select the paint brand you'd like to match your color to. Press Start

Voila! Sherwin's closest matches to Porter's Indian Ivory. 

Picture 9 

Not close enough?

Go back and select another brand to match it to and see how close you can get.

Hope it helps!