She works hard for the money...

I recently subscribed to Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles... simply because I'm addicted to magazines and am stocking piling inspiration for fear that these hard copies will cease to exist. Y2K all over again. I'm slowly making my way cross country with these subscriptions. (I signed up for Birmingham H&G too but haven't gotten one yet? Any other states I might need?)

Anyway, I'm loving AH&L. I got the May issue in the mail and flipped open to... My new dream office. 

I'm dead serious. This is it. 

And I should have known it would be none other than Suzanne Kasler's...

Kasler office 1 

I"ll tell you why it sings to me...

  • Lots of work surfaces.. I NEEEED that desperately. 
  • It's Cozy.... Feels like the upstairs loft of a home.


Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 6.50.06 PM

  • It's effortlessly stylish. 

Picture 3 

  • It's realistic! And it looks like cool people work here.

Picture 7 Picture 6 

  • Wall to wall seagrass. Check!

  • Here's the thing I have learned over the years about the office(s) of an interior designer. (Mainly-mine!) They are ticking time bombs. Like clockwork- every 24 hours a 'creative bomb' -or two- goes off and there is a minor explosion of fabric samples, papers, materials, purchase orders, name it. You can clean it up? But more than likely you don't have time as you frantically run out the door (10 minutes late-always) with fabric shrapnel attached to every corner of your stylish black outfit while you sling around your bag of bricks. Literally people- sometimes it IS bricks!) And you can't have anyone else clean up after you because your stack/vision is placed strategically in a way that only YOU (and people who speak freaky-deaky-Dutch) could figure out.  And By the time you get back you definitely don't feel like tidying up so you gently place your 'stack' aside shielding it from tomorrow's bomb. Hencestacks all over the place! 

So when I saw this picture I thought- YES! Put those messy little stacks in baskets!

Picture 5

  • Organized clutter. (My favorite)
  • It's open but still has private nooks. 
  • It includes a chic lobby for stylish clients (like my friend Holly from Things that Inspire. Holly, if you're reading- do you meet with Suzanne here or at home? Just curious... It's win/win either way I'm sure!)

Picture 4 

  • A synchronized crew.? Yes, I'll take two.

  Picture 9 

After going through this article with my mouth hanging open gasping at the turn of every page, I can officially say:

a. I'm SO jealous it hurts 

b. I'm equally inspired.!! 

c. So my new goal: work hard for the money so I can get an office like this that'll treat me right. !!

(Go ahead and listen to it) it'll be in your head all day regardless. SORRY

In the mean time I will just go to the next best thing: The office Kasler styled for Ballard Designs...

Suzanne kassler for ballard_thumb[2]
Very pretty!

But I like the real deal. Bigger space, less stacks, more time, 

Tick, tick, tick, tick...


PS- If you are a designer, work for one, or deal with fabrics daily- would you please mind sharing your organizing system? I've tried organizing them by color, by style, and it still just doesn't feel right. IT could just be me! but I would love to hear your tips. Thanks. :)

All images via AH&L magazine. Photographed by Erica George Dines.

 Go get a subscription!