Well guys.... 

Nashville has flooded.

14 inches of rain in 2 days- the highest amount of water to EVER be recorded. (And if you think I'm talking like a meteorologist, you are right.) 

Picture 2

The rain was like a conveyer belt across the state. It just KEPT coming...

It was insane! And still is. Thankfully our place sits up on a hill so we did not have any trouble. But others are looking at extensive damage that could take weeks (months!) to clean up. 


Some of our streets have turned into rivers. 

Homes, Schools, downtown businesses are completely flooded.

Thousands are without power- some with no place to go.


Nashville people: My thoughts and prayers are with those of you whose homes are under water. Thankfully the rain has finally stopped and we can start to pick up the pieces...

Everyone else: Never underestimate the power of water.

Noah: Seriously, where's your ark when we need it?

Reporting from Nashville,


image from Tennessean, Weather, via Pink Wallpaper