Opinion Game

Sometimes I accompany Hoyt to his business school functions. And find myself standing in a circle with a bunch of people talking about equity markets. I smile and nod hoping someone will bring up a topic I can remotely relate to. ... or just hand me a drink.
Hoyt always assures me that if he were standing among several designers he would feel like an idiot too.

He usually doesn't care about house stuff and patiently plays along when I rearrange our rooms every 3 weeks. He pretty much keeps his opinions to himself and lets me do my thing.. which I am very grateful for! But he has to have an opinion- everyone has an opinion, right? So one night I tested him.  (I'm in PINK) (Hoyt's in BLUE) 

Want to play a game??  - me

... Not really. 

You sure?

Okay, what game...?

(I hold up my computer screen with this picture on it)

Bedroom_elle decor
 What do you think about this room?

Love it. Except- I hate zebra rugs...

 But I like that- ya know-headboard thing.....And I like those little lamps that stick to the wall.


.. yeeaah. 

Ok. What about this room?...

 I like the simple frame. It's not ornate..

You can be really honest in this game. It's your personal preference.

(He glances at my expression, making sure it's truly safe)

 The dog looks weird and the chandelier is ugly.


What about this?

LOVE that.

I like wood. Wood's good.

I pretty much love anything with tons of wood and metal.

Hmm.. Shocking! 

And did you seriously just say 'wood's good' ? 

Mirror sunburst083 

That's cool. I like red lamp shades.. I mean, who has those?? Can WE get red lamp shades? We can put it on that lamp-? (points to our floor lamp)

No, we can't do that.

Well whatever- OR we could get a green one to go with the-

No babe- let's stick with the lamp shade we have.


 It looks like Grandma's Pottery Factory. 

And what's so bad about that?


Not practical.

Fair enough. But I like it.

 Nothing about that photo I like. I mean... not at all. 

You know it's Chris Martin's dining room. 

Well his dining room must be from 1972- from the TV show Dallas.

Uhh... it's okay.?.... I like it.

Really? I thought you wouldn't.

Well, the chairs are the same as the---I need more contrast!!

(looks at me with a smirk as he proudly uses his new design word)

The bed needs to be darker too. Contrast. YOu know how I love contrast..

I think you just like to say your new design word.

That too.

Last one-

Elle decor mischka
I love that.

Me too. Glad we can agree on something. :)

 Does your significant other have an opinion about design?


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