Loved like crazy

This weekend I went up to visit my precious nieces and nephew that live in Louisville..  


Every now and then I take off my career woman hat and put on my Auntie Rach hat. It's one of my favorite things to do because my full time job is to love on these munchkins... and squeeze on those little thighs (seen above). 

Don't get me wrong- I know a house full of kids is hard work. It's non-stop and tests your energy, patience and... I'm getting tired just thinking about it. If any of you are stay-at-home parents, props to you! 

But all tantrums aside--- their joy is contagious... you can't deny it.

So here are some pictures I captured this past weekend mixed with Sugarboo Designs artwork (a company that I fell in love with at market- and you will too!) and some other random tidbits...

Picture 4 


Picture 6 IMG_7465 


Picture 2 Picture 5 

Picture 7 


16_TangerineRope_M 20_MagentaBead_canvas_M 20_PinkFlower_cvs_M 

IMG_7451 Picture 13 6a01156e5d7bde970c01347ff7c359970c-800wiIMG_7512 

 Picture 11 

 IMG_7485  Picture 9


 Picture 8 Fuchsia


( uh oh ) Can't help but laugh at Miss Thang. 

Picture 10

All kid photographs by me ( Except that last one- that would be Julianne/Super Mama!.. You've seen her before on the blog- here)  

 This is ( my camera ), I never use a flash, and I'm still learning. :)

All artwork and signs by Sugarboo Designs; navy/black stripe rug from william sonoma; pillows from hable construction; lamp from stray dog designs; pink/orange fabric from Quadrille via house beautiful; hot pink moroccan pouf from John Derian