Dressing Rooms

This weekend I am planning on organizing my closet.


It's in writing so I am now fully committed to it- which is a good thing because mine is a DISASTER right now. Tidy closets are not my strong suit.
I have one fabulous client who cleans them out for a living as a wardrobe stylist(Tina- this is a cry for help:) And another client who insists on having an entire 100 sq. ft room to call her 'dressing room'- preferably one suspended in the trees with windows and sky lights.(We're working on that!)

 As for me, I have a 20 square foot room that I share with this guY: IMG_4772 

Can't complain.... 

but I can daydream!!

Closet elle decor may 092_thumb[1] 

 I really like this layout. (via elle decor)

Closet domino_thumb[1] 

I love the idea of having an island in my fantasy dressing room. And a flokati rug... why not?

(via domino)

Windsor smith HB 

TTN: Windsor Smith's stylish dressing room featured in House Beautiful this past year. Her effortless style carries throughout her home and into her closet- even her clothes complement each other!
James radin hb 

James Radin (the set designer behind Something's Gotta Give!) is an interior designer by trade. This is his client's dressing room/dream come true.

Robert Couturier 

If this was MY closet I would:

a. be motivated to keep my shoes organized 

b. need new shoes. (10 yr old new balances wouldn't look fantastic up there- just sayin)

c. store my mismatched socks in the little drawers on the chaise.

.. am I ruining it for yall?

Moving on.

Southern accents dan carithers 

TTN: the beautiful hardwood floors and detailed, mirrored doors

(Dan Carithers via Southern Accents)

Nicky_hilton, paloma in style 

Life must be hard for Nicky Hilton. I love her shoes that match her dress that match hercoat hangers. Very niiiice. (via La dolce Vita, seen in In Style)

Cottage living 
Simplified and chic. (via cottage living)

TTI rabaut design associates 

A closet after my own heart... centered around a light fixture!! Love it.
(Rabaut Design Associates via Things that Inspire)

Elle decor 

(via elle decor)

Can you imagine having a closet this spacious and glamorous? 

I would take FOREVER to get ready in the mornings. 


I'm ruining it again.

Have a great weekend!