Bobby McAlpine book cover  

I've been anxiously awaiting Bobby Mcalpine's new book The Home Within Us that is due out mid April. But today I was reading {one of my new favorite blogs} Limestones and Boxwoods and received some great news.

What would be even better than a Mcalpine book???

His diary?

Oh yes.

Communique is a new online journal (fancier way of saying blog?created by everyone at Mcalpine Tankersley Architecture and Mcalpine Booth and Ferrier Interiors. They say in the intro: "With this new media our aim is to create an outlet to show, on a regular basis, exactly what we're up to.... This is a regular letter to you- a peak into our diary."

Are you kidding me? This is music to any stalker's ears.

Picture 4
 Who needs Lonny when we have Bobby??  

Picture 5 

Picture 6
This is a picture of their Nashville office... It's almost as clean as mine. :)

So when the world keeps shutting the doors on our beloved magazines we can still hold on to the hope that our favorite designers and architects will find alternate ways to inspire us.

To see more of Communique Issue I click HERE.