ETSY art-- affordable finds!!

I started looking around ETSY for some good artwork and could. not. stop.

There is SO much affordable art out there!! So I'm here to share some original paintings I found and liked. All of these are under $300!! 

And if you are one who thinks "I have a traditional home, I can't pull off modern art. (or vice versa)" I am here to tell you- YOU CAN. When it comes to artwork I believe you should go with your gut. If you see a painting and it sings to you then believe me- your home will find a spot for it. 

Since most people have a hard time visualizing paintings in a space I included some photos of rooms with similar artwork. In other words: I'm proving my point with magazine photos. (something I do quite frequently :)

Barn Peaches 
Cows Swing 

RozArt, click HERE for her shop.

 Can't visualize a cow in a living room? ... 

Cow painting 

via House Beautiful, artist Linda St. Clair

 Nature and Art's "The Crossing", click HERE to shop. 

Could be paired with neutral paint and furnishings making a statement like this:

TTI yellow painting 

via Things That Inspire, artist unknown



Jenny shultz ballerina
Jenny Shultz, click HERE for her shop. 

I couldn't find a picture in a room like these but just visualize that lovely ballerina painting in this bedroom:

Hb room

I'm loving these watercolor portraits...

Pp2 Pp3
Pp4 Pp5 

Corinne Galla portraits, click HERE for more.
A collection of these in a dining room?

Nanette Lepor:Elle Decor 

via Elle Decor, designer Nanette Lapor
 Siiso abstract

Siiso abstract City painting, click HERE to shop.

The piece above reminded me of a painting I have in my own home. It was passed down from my grandparents because I loved it so much growing up. Something about it has always intrigued me... And now I get to see it every day!


via yours truly


Kaylee Hull's abstract painting, click HERE for her shop. 

Reminded me of this awesome bedroom..

via urban grace; artist unknown

Nancy hughes
Nancy Hughes, click HERE for her shop.

And here, a similar traditional painting in a modern setting...

Elements of style
via elements of style, artist unknown   


Abstract pieces by Sarah Giannoble, click HERE for her shop.

For some reason it reminded me of this room by Steven Gambrel...

Steven gambrel 

via Steven Gambrel website  

 Lollie waterscape 

  Lollie Belle's "Waterscape", click HERE for her shop.

This is my dear friend Laura. Remember her from this post?  As you all know I LOVE her work.. almost as much as I love HER. Here is a small landscape (same size as above) in my own home. I put it in my kitchen to add some color and make me happy while I cook.


Amy haught square
Amy Haught's modern painting, click HERE for her shop.

Suzanne Kasler designed the room below using a very similar modern piece. I know I know, Suzanne can put anything together and make it beautiful. But atleast you get the idea...
 Dusty griffith painting: TTI
via Things that Inspire, artist Dusty Griffith 

All of these beautiful original paintings can be found on etsy along with MANY others. I'm thinking about getting one myself...