Pretty soon I won't be talking about fires and fuzzy sweaters- I'll be talking about green grass and bare feet!!! But while we're still here, moping around in the cold,  let's talk about fire screens. Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn have come out with great looking screens. I recommend them ALL the time. Simple, functional, handsome - all you need. 

Rip out your bulky brass inserts...

Picture 3
 and update it with a sleek, attractive screen. 

Picture 4  

Fireplaces are almost always the focal point of a room so a simple change like this will make a world of difference.

Vintage Iron Fireplace Single ScreenRivet Hearth Flat Screen with DoorsRivet Hearth Arched Panel ScreenRivet Hearth Flat Curtain ScreenRivet Hearth Arched Tri-Panel ScreenRivet Hearth Flat Tri-Panel Screen

Decorative Fireplace Screen Mission Custom Flat Screen

For PB firescreens click here.

For Restoration ones click here.