Let there be Light

One of the best parts of my job is when I see things come to life. It's like a Disney movie, really. (I expand on this experience in this post)

 So, about a week ago I experienced yet another Disney moment....

One of my projects is a big barn.

(And in this Disney story I am just a weeee hobbit.)  ^me^

 As you can tell from the picture, everything about this barn is HUGE and masculine.  Remember the swing? Same place.

 In the great room there are 25' ceilings and a kitchen island that is over 13' wide. So looking for an island light fixture became a bit of a problem. 

 I wanted something large (obviously), industrial, and somewhat indigenous. And let's not forget: masculine


I had been sketching up ideas for a few months and nothing was clicking.

Then one day.... it clicked. 

WB kitchen Light2 


So I color-coded a set of construction drawings for The "Boys" (what I like to call the extremely talented boys men that work on the property and can build almost ANYTHING in their sleep) ...

Wb kitchen light1 

and the construction began.

Picture 2 +Picture 3 +Greg chain 
 With the help of The Boys, Tommy the electrician, the Client, the Knot Magician, (3) Restoration Hardware 16" Benson pendants, some old barn wood, a local welder, a large lift, and a bunch of other tools I don't even know how to spell, we were able to make it happen. (Note: this would NOT have been possible without these talented people)

Then two weeks later.... 

Picture 4
 It appeared right before my eyes....


WB 2010 3 6  


<insert Hobbit for scale... seriously- look at my head, then look at the light. It's huge.>


WB RD 36 2010 

Fits right in...

More pictures of the barn to come. It's not finished, yet. But you'll be the first to see them!


<I wrote this post a few days ago... and am now on vacation.!! >

Picture 1
A rainy day on the coast? I can't complain.

Have a great rest of the week!

Be back soon...