window seats and (preferably) window beds

Cottage living window seat 

TTN on window seats:

*If you're going to have one, I recommend making it as deep as a bed. Trust me on this one! Nobody sits on the window seats that are 18" deep. They're just not comfortable! But if you make it a window bed- it'll be the new hot spot in the house.


Window seat hb

Picture 4

*Throw a blanket on your window seat so it'll look comfortable and inviting (even when it's not!)

And while you're at it, put a few books there too.

Domino window seat 

*Provide extra lighting. Swing arm or wall sconces are a great addition to any window nook.
Newlywed diaries cotliving 

Elizabeth dinkil design 

*Add comfortable pillows- some that you can really sink into it. But not too many! Make room for a booty.

Window seat domino
Via decorno 

*Provide storage underneath if you can. I would either choose deep drawers for blankets, etc. or I would leave it open for books like the picture above. 
Remodalista window seat 


IHeart this one. Has a window seat bed ever looked so inviting?


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