Santa Fe Sky

I'm in Santa Fe for work...

Blog 3 

The sky here goes on forever... 

and the new fallen snow makes it even more beautiful!

I have lost all concept of time and the internet was down for a few days so if you have emailed or called- this is why. And I promise I'll back in action tomorrow.

But seriously, look how pretty...

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Blog 2 

The house I'm staying in?? Amazing.....


The previous owner and decorator was Renea Abbott owner of Shabby Slips in Houston, TN. I'll post more pictures soon... Y'all are going to love it!!

In the mean time, you can find me over at Style Blueprint when I went on a shopping trip with Liza a few weeks ago. We perused through some of my very favorite antique stores in Franklin, TN. Check it out here.!!!

 Also, a big thank you to Holly from Things that Inspire for including me as one of her new favorite blogs for 2010. It meant so much coming from her because I find her blog to be one of my favorite inspirations. Check out some of her recent posts here.

One more thing and then I'll stop talking. I'm so excited about all of the nursery votes I've gotten in! Thank you for participating. I love how each of you has their own style and preference when it comes to decor.  I'll post the winner in the next few days so if you haven't voted yet there is still time! 

I leave today.

Goodbye Santa Fe sky...