Beams- Exposed

I started a post a while ago that just included pictures of rooms I liked. When I went back and looked through them I realized they all shared one common element: exposed beams.

There is something about this raw architectural element that screams 'cozy' and better yet 'rustic elegance'.... You know I love anything with that description!

A rustic, elegant tax return? Yes please!

Erin martin house 2_0005
 design by Erin Martin
 East hampton cottage 

Tom Scheerer via House Beautiful
Kitchen SA John coolidge
Designer John Coolidge via Southern Accents


via House Beautiful

 Beams elle decor 2007
via elle decor 2007

Southern accents beams
via southern accents

GG  Carter smith home GG
Carter Smith's home via garden and gun    

House beautiful 

 via House Beautiful

Melanie BHG
Designer Melanie Pounds via BHG

Ina Garten's kitchen via House Beautiful

designer Betty Burgess via Veranda 
 Victoria hagan
Designer Victoria Hagan  

Sela ward bill ingram 

Sela Ward's home designed by Phillip Sides