New Year- New Stuff

Hey friends. Happy New Year! You  might be here because you're back at your first day of work, feeling a little depressed that the holidays are over with a stack of paperwork next to you (or on your sofa with a stack of laundry next to you) and you need an escape. If so, I'm glad you're here. This will be a great year and I hope to entertain and uplift you on days like today!! And most importantly- distract you from your work. Since that's what y'all do to me- it's only fair! :)

I'm getting over a mild case of the flu. 3 full days in pajamas, 2 gallons of ginger ale, and 1 permanent imprint-in-the-couch later I can confidently say I think I'm over it. (Knock on wood! okay, not so confidently) Besides getting cabin fever I've been flipping through all of my usual catalogs and loving all the new stuff coming out for Spring! Here are a few things I found:

From Pottery Barn...

Rattan dining chairs... would look great around a ROUND dining table (around around-??)

Steel ladder Mirrored bedside
Vintage steel ladder and mirrored bedside table. Different looks but each piece makes a statement.

Slingstool Slingstool2
This sling stool is a nice thing to have around.. different than the popular ottoman or garden stool look but serves the same purpose.

Francis sconce
Francis sconce- so simple! I love it. Would look great in a hallway or stairwell...

Accordion sconce Brentwood floorlamp
More unique, affordable lighting...

Kanthathrow2 Kantha throw1
Interesting throws...

I also like the shape of these barstools... but I think they would look better in a bright, fun color. Maybe wait until they go on sale.

Nestpendant Nestpillow 

Just had to.

All of these items can be found on Pottery Barn website HERE.

Now on to Wisteria....

W new bedroom
Everything about this bedroom is A) fabulous and B) NEW! The bedding, the bedside table, the stool, the artwork... love this combo!

 My favorite part: the slipcovered bedside table. I've been doing a lot of these in my clients' houses and have found that they are a great alternative to bedside casegoods. You can hide shelves underneath for storage while hiding your bedside mess.

Bedside table

W living room
Same thing here. All new, all great.

My favorite part? The tables.

Martini Tables- they aren't called that but I like to refer to all tiny tables that sit by your chair 'martini tables'. They are great to have around!! (martinis and/or tables)

W martini table

W coffee table W coffee table 2
This shockingly resembles the pricey coffee table I've always loved from Oly:


W bedroom2
Black is back! Well really- did it ever leave?? 

My favorite part: the pillow that pulls it all together

Picture 1
Another thing I saw and liked:

W mapchest
Vintage map chest. I don't know if the word vintage really holds true here but if you have any really old maps I see this being a really great DIY project!!  

All of these items can be found at Wisteria website HERE.
There are many more new things out that I hope to share with you soon. In the mean time, happy Monday! (and New Year!)