Good Things

1. A Face

Unpacking Christmas stuff and finding this dude:


2. A Candle

I had heard about it several places- Style Blueprint and Blueprint Bliss to name a few- and was intrigued... "the best christmas tree candle out there"??? I wonder...

 Then I walked into a client's house last week and immediately said "Oh my gosh-WHAT is that amazing smell?!!" Thyme's Frasier Fir, ofcourse!!

Let me tell you something-the rumors are true... this candle is amazing. 


Go get one.

3. A Great Movie

I saw The Blind Side this weekend... SO GOOD! I absolutely loved it. Hoyt did too. It was such an encouraging, beautiful story that will have you walking out of the theater ready to change the world (and totally forgetting about the fact that going to a movie now costs $10/person) !! 

4. An Ornament 

Three years ago my mom gave us a few ornaments for our Christmas tree. One of the ornaments was a little orange cat that resembled Hobbes. 

Hobbes ignored all the other dangling ornaments... except this one. His mini-me. He literally HATES his mini-me and freaks out every time he sees him.  

Fall pictures 020 Minime
 The ornament will disappear for months and every now and then Hoyt and I will see him-- or what's left of him...

Fall pictures 02ss IMG_0217 IMG_0363

Poor guy... never saw it comin'.

 5. A Bookcase

My new office has been a complete MESS.. until now. I got the BIG expedit bookcase from Ikea! Hoyt was sweet enough to put it together tonight and it has already made the biggest difference. As soon as I clean my office I'll post a picture... promise. But if you're needing something inexpensive to help you get organized- get this bookcase.

 5. NestElf

Picture 2 Picture 3
This year I have been moonlighting as  Santa's helper- finding gifts for kids, wives, the whole family. (I love it!)  I have done quite a lot of online shopping, looking around stores, frequent trips to the North Pole, and flipping through magazines and have found that almost every store is featuring gifts under $50. I've picked some of my favorites and am working on a 50 under $50 post for last minute gifts. Stay tuned!!