{note to months} September/October/November

Dear September thru November- oops, I dropped the ball.

I said I'd do a note each month but, alas, it's already fall.

I barely found time to blog, much less write you a letter

but Autumn is my favorite season!.. does that make you feel better?


Now Thanksgiving break is behind us

and my office is in complete disarray-

but the good news is, these past 3 months-

I have learned something new every day:

1. There are not enough teal fabrics in this world - I, for one, can attest,

Turquoise fabrics
and no matter what the sources say, simple is always best. (2)


3. When you finally receive a chandelier, 

and before you watch it glimmer,

make sure it is hung in the perfect spot and put it on a dimmer.


4. Whenever you fold your laundry 

and put your clothes where they belong

if your mismatched sock pile looks like this-

 something is clearly WRONG.

5. When packages arrive for clients,

 don't throw the box away yet!

instead cut out a window and Voila! A home for your pet.


6. When magazines go out of business 

and you cry out for the sake of design- :(

Be hopeful for the future and check out this new mag online:

Lonny mag

7. If the bad weather keeps bringing you down,

 making you quick to complain

buy yourself some killer boots and you'll find yourself praying for rain.

8. When you go to the flea market and find nothing

your plan B is totally wrecked-

Take some time to walk around and appreciate what others collect...


9. Spend quality time with family (my nephew & 2 nieces below)


And watch this modern one on ABC- it's definitely my new favorite show.

Modern family

10. When you're working hard on a jobsite

 and the problems keep getting thicker,

No matter what happens my friends-

Don't turn to the LIQUOR!


Things got hectic through {you three}

-I guess the days of boredom are gone.

So tell December that I'm ready.

 The holidays??? Oh please... Bring it ON!

 <Lonny mag photo from their website; rest of photos by me>