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A while back I promised you all that I would share my secret resources and introduce an artist every month. Well, if you're keeping up with my promises I obviously skipped October. And you've also probably found that I have skipped 2 notes to months. Ahhhhh just give me some time- I'll catch up. 

This November I'd like to introduce you to another artist, one of my very favorites, and she just so happens to be... My mom.

Bo Berry

Mom Shapeimage_1 

Born and raised on a farm in a small town outside of Greensboro, Alabama my mom began to paint the beautiful, rural scenery around her... And it stuck. Growing up I used to tell my friends: "My mom? She paints farm animals." 

 Drawn to the simplicity of that country life  her oil paintings reflect "the beauty of rural scenes, the farm animals and the bounty of the good earth."
I asked this talented-mother-of-mine some questions:

To get to the other side 

to get to the other side

 What is your favorite luxury in life? 

    Only one? There are lots of mini- luxuries that I appreciate more and more everyday... like summer tomatoes, heated car seats (she's being polite here- we like to call them 'butt warmers'), walks, thunderstorms, driving down a country road, working in my garden, coffee in the morning with my husband, my devotional and a dog or two at my feet. 

Rainy day at home 

(She isn't lying here, folks. Cats, dogs, everywhere!! Each with their own bed!)

But if I have to say one, it would be the freedom we have to enjoy all of the above and more.


Picture 2


Something to squawk about 

remember seeing this chicken in this room: ??


   What has inspired your artistic style?

 I have always been inspired by artists who have strong use of light in their paintings like Edward Hopper, some of Fairfield Porters works and many Russian artists in the last century. Of course, the masters inspire us all. I particularly like the rich colors of Pierre Bonnard. 

Goose necks 

Goose Necks

Picture 3

Dont Cry for Me Vidalia

Who would you most like to collaborate with on a project

   I have collaborated with my sister in law, Murray Johnston, who is a wonderfully talented textile artist. She creates contemporary art quilts that are stunning. (that's for another month!) For our collaborations she will prepare a piece of canvas, I paint on it leaving a border of a few inches and then she quilts the border incorporating fabrics that blend with the painting. We appreciate each others work and have had a couple of "sister shows" together.


"Cowlaboration"- *double click on it for the full effect- you can see the perimeter is quilted on and the middle section is painted. Stunning in person!


What books are currently on your bedside table?

   I have a couple of stacks in different places but to name a few.. The Art of Racing in the RainThe Story of Edgar Sawtelle, The Ragamuffin Gospel, Driftless, To Kill a Mockingbird...

Quality time 

Quality Time

What inspires your creativity and designs?

   Usually I am inspired when I see the subject and I visualize it on a canvas. It can happen when I am driving on a rural road (like I mentioned above) and I see a clothesline moving in the breeze or cows grazing in the late afternoon light. I love walking through the Farmers' Market surrounded by a plethora of colors and shapes.


Carrots and raddishes 

Picture 5

Of all of your paintings which one is your personal favorite and why?

  I don't think I have a single one.. there have been lots of favorites over the years. Some of them have 

sentimental value and there are a few that come under the "wish I hadn't sold that one" category. I am not a hugely prolific painter so each one is significant and if I can't keep it, I want it to have a good home. :)



Unsold cat   Unsold chicks

Unsold sheep 

Since you've always painted out of your home have you ever run into any problems with that? 

Picture 4
 I have done pen and ink renderings of homes for many years. If is very detailed and tedious work. (see above) Years ago when our children were small I worked in our dining room. This one particular day I had been working long hours on a drawing and leaned it on the hutch to go into the kitchen. My son who was about 4 at the time was charging around the house in his red cape (his wardrobe staple for most of that year)...

Cooper cape And as he swept through the dining room with his sword in hand (a magic marker) he took a swipe at the drawing leaving what looked like a Zorro mark straight across the middle. Luckily Dad was at home and stood between me and my son- who knew by the color of my face that he was in deep trouble.  Bless his heart! Lesson learned for both of us. 

Just in case you don't believe her- here's a picture of me and my brother Zorro at that age:


(Another one of our fine Halloween moments... do we look drugged or what?!) *And if you're wondering where I come up with these old pictures so fast- it's because most of them were used for our wedding video and thanks to my mother-in-law they are now on my computer!)


What is your most unusual request?

  I had a young woman ask me to paint her father's favorite pet...his chicken. She said she would take some pictures and send them to me.  Of course I expected to get pictures of her in the chicken yard but instead I get ones of the chicken sitting on the sofa eating spaghetti off her Dad's plate!  

(Mom, that's so weird. Please send pictures...)

Picture 6


Lastly, what are the things in life you cannot live without

 My faith, my family, my friends and the critters. 

Dogs Linville August 2006 076
And yet another one from our wedding slideshow (for kicks):

Whoa, Watch out for those cheeks!    Now if only I could only get Mom to find the picture of a chicken eating spaghetti...


Although many of the paintings above are sold works, some are unsold. {Contact her for more info}

To visit the Bo Berry Art website click here.

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