It's a Swing Thing

If you have been following the blog lately you probably know two things about me:

1. I have a THING for BARNS

2. I have a THING for SWING(s). Porch swings to be exact. 

I've been tearing them out of magazines, sketching up designs, blogging and daydreaming about a giant porch swing for YEARS.... just waiting for a client with an open mind and the right amount of porch space. Preferably porch space in or around a barn.

Well guys, my little dream has already come true. I've designed the unthinkable- A giant swing on a barn porch.       

Swing pic 

<This photo was taken a few weeks back when the frame was finished and hung- The builders had me stand on it to illustrate the SIZE of this sucker. <insert Rachel for scale> 


Let me back up...

and give credit where credit is due. This could not have happened without several key players:

1. The client- for graciously letting me design my dream on 25 square feet of his porch. (thanks RD)

2. The builders- for creating such an awesome structure based on my really rough sketch.... amazes me every time.

3. the rope-  I had a hard time coming up with a rope resource (there are no giant ROPE stores in Nashville, Tennessee-- shocking, I Know!!!) so I did what any 21st century designer would do- I googled, ordered, and hoped for the best. The rope ended up coming from none other than Christian's Fitness Factory. (who knew?) And it could not have been more perfect.


5. The Knot Magician- this key player was one I did not see coming. (Meaning- I did not plan for him but looking back I don't know what I would have done without him) So one day I show up at the barn and a guy named Leo (a worker there who I hadn't met) was sitting on the porch weaving a fabulous knot into our christian-fitness rope. I gasped.... "Hi!! WHO ARE YOU? AND HOW DID YOU DO THAT??!!!"

Ends up- Leo is from Mexico and his grandmother taught him how to weave this perfect knot. Valuable team player? I think so.


Once again, <insert Rachel for scale>

6. The Workroom- for making these cushions in such speedy time.


7. And lastly,  The setting- What's a good porch swing without a beautiful view?? <I can't claim this part>


This swing has been the highlight of my month... and it might even carry over to the next one. It turned out better than I expected and I owe it all to our speedy team:

We drew out the design, found a spot, measured for scale, built the frame, found the rope, tied the knot, hung the swing, picked the fabric, chose the stain,  made a template, rushed the cushions, fluffed the pillows, tested it out, took a picture..... just in time  for Halloween.

<insert Rachel for scare>

Happy Halloween!