Neutral Love

Part of me wants to have a neutral home.

The rest of me wants to have a colorful, energetic home.

This is why I love my job- I can get both.

Meanwhile, my home will sit around in LIMBO waiting for me to make up my mind (and make more money). But this particular home has been sitting in my I love neutral files. It makes me want to strip out all the clutter, open all my windows, and breathe easy.

Veranda 1Veranda 2

Veranda 3 

*put a dog in it! 
Veranda 4

Veranda 5Veranda 6 

I just recently found that one of my favorite design bloggers/interior designers in California, Brooke from Velvet & Linen, posted about this house a while back because her husband was the architect!! Talk about talent in a family. They have three kids but with those creative genes I think they should bless this world with more.

Veranda 7
Veranda 8 

TTN: Slipcovered dining chairs... LOVE. I'll do a post soon about this concept- it deserves its own. Also, notice the neutral mixed with gold accents. In most situations I advise people to use "pops of color" in their rooms UNLESS they want to go all neutral- then I advise "pops of gold" accents. Or silver. Depends on the space...

Veranda 9 

There is nothing more cozy than simple, light bedding. *I also have a client that loves this house and thinks a flat screen TV comes out of that ottoman at the end of the bed.... Thoughts?
Veranda 10 

The artwork in this house is beautiful. 
Veranda 11 

TTN: I want to talk about this bathroom- the mirrored doors into the water closet(s)?... great detail. Imagine these with normal doors painted the trim color. Not worth a photograph, right? Consider replacing your doors with glass or mirrored inserts. Then painting a darker color. It would make a world of difference.

Veranda 12 

The bedrooms are my favorite part of this house
Veranda 13 

the kitchen wasn't really photographed in this article... Hmmm.. I'm very curious to see what it looks like!! I'm sure I'd love it.
Veranda 14 

OK, I'll buy it!

(Have your people call my people.)


All images from Veranda