a New England adventure

Rye, New Hampshire. What a dream...
I'll start by showing the house we stayed in (along with the rest of the wedding party our new friends):

And every morning I peered out my window blinds to find this:

Not too shabby.

My post on Friday said that I was going to New Hampshire and wished I could bring a bike. I got several comments and emails from blog readers recommending where to go in the area. One particular email was from a woman named Colette, (a reader who had not written me until now) that read: "I have a summer place in rye beach with two new bikes. Would love for you to ride!" She then continued to leave her address, where she leaves her spare key, and a detailed list of where to go and what to do.

Did I mention how much I love blogging? I put a bike on my 'wish list' and low and behold get TWO waiting right down the street from me in the middle of Rye, New Hampshire. Crazy!!! I'm still convinced Colette is an angel.

On Saturday Hoyt was busy with 'best man' stuff and I took off for on an adventure to a) find these bikes and b) eat a lobster. I convinced my new friend (whose boyfriend was also doing 'man stuff')  to tag along. Following Colette's directions we hiked down the beach as the words in her email started to come alive in front of us: (Colette's words in pink)

If you head south along the ocean, turn up Sea Road, by old beach club, great tree lined street:


 Rye has several beaches and my house is near Cable beach which is excellent for walking...


 It is flat, long and so wide at low tide that the sunset reflects off the wet tide and I rejoice at the beauty of creation. Yeah God.



The dogs will be romping and swimming and you can't help but smile at their reckless abandon.  It will be hard to leave.

It was hard to leave (without stealing a dog) but we had to find the bikes so we hopped off the beach and landed right by Colette's street. 
We found her house minutes later along a quiet neighborhood street... 

*I'm so mad that I didn't take a picture but I was too busy trying to get the bikes that I forgot!! Although it might be best to keep it private. But just so you can get a visual picture it looked alot like this: (quaint and adorable)

We walked around back and saw the 2 bikes propped up inside but lo and behold, no one was home. We fished around for the key (where she said we would find it) but only found a few bugs. So, what did I do?

Why, I called her on her cell phone! This adventure wouldn't be over without a fight.

 Hi Colette! It's Rachel from nestegg!! (never said that before) I'm at your house and we see the bikes but we can't get to them!! 

To which she responded: Oh no! I'm so sorry!! Well, you can break the door down..? I don't care! Or find a cracked window and pry it open!! 

Wow, I love this woman.

So as we are circling the house pushing doors and prying windows a neighbor stopped by "Ummm... may I help you?"

Thankfully our peacoats and big smiles convinced the neighbor that we were safe. But I couldn't help but daydream about WHAT IF a police officer pulls us aside for questioning:

"Maam, do you know the owner of this home?"

"Well, sort of sir. She reads my blog- nest egg... Her name is Colette...?? I dont know her last name."


After much illegal trespassing we ended up not being able to get the bikes but it was the thought (and adventure) that counted! Don't worry Colette, I'll be back next year for attempt #2. :)

We had to hurry back for the wedding festivities! So we took off down the road (on the marsh side this time) as I read:

However, you will get to see the trees right along seacoast as development is prohibited because of all the marshland. Unique place Rye is because of the wetlands!

That, it is.


Some leaves were on the brink of changing...

while others were way ahead of the game:

We were able to see the cute coastal homes. The shingle cottages were my favorite...

Then we went into Portsmouth...for some shopping and cruising.

I love towns like these where the buildings are so bright and colorful. It adds so much personality to a city. I would have taken more pictures but it was raining. 

Then I ran into a little store called Hoyt's which was none other than an OFFICE SUPPLY STORE. Could it be any more perfect? I love office supplies-!! And Hoyt! Had to take a pic.


And finally, the wedding:



the cute little church where the ceremony was held


Me and the best man (above, not below)

The lovely bride and groom! They danced to THIS SONG by the Avett Brothers... it was precious. 


Hoyt and his toast...

simple, beautiful flower arrangements


Thanks to Rob and Barbie for the wonderful wedding weekend!! And thanks to Colette for being such a generous blog reader and quite the tour guide! 

Be back soon with design related posts! Promise.