I'm off to Rye, New Hampshire!

Why Rye? you might ask...

One of Hoyt's closest friends from Charlotte is getting married. Hoyt is the best man... and by the transitive property of association that makes me the best woman.  Right??? :)

I wish the best woman could pack a bike to cruise around town on. This one would be nice:

Fendi bike

And biking through Rye you'd probably find the best woman wearing something like this:

Twin Farms, Vermont

Apparently this week is supposed to be PEAK LEAF weekend and we are staying in a house that sits on the coast! Don't worry, I have my camera safely packed up and will be back next week with pictures!

Has anyone ever been to Rye? Any places I need to check out?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


2 Fendi Abici bike- as seen in Vogue, image via flickr

3 For my outfit pieces click here