Hey eggheads!

I've been really busy these past few weeks and unfortunately the blog has taken a hit. I posted the video yesterday to distract you guys... and apparently it worked! :) 

First of all,  thank you for all of your sweet comments and emails. Not only did you make my day better yesterday but your comments always cheer me up. I realized the other day that one hard thing about being on my own is that I don't have the built-in support team of coworkers. That's one plus of working in an office- work friends, team mentality.

But in a weird, cyber-space way I really feel like you guys have been my support team.!! Even if you've never commented or we've never met in person it means a lot that you're reading... So, thank you for encouraging me and lifting me up day after day.

NOW, cheese aside, let's talk about the Home Shopping Network, shall we?

Hi Nate Berkus...

Picture 3

Can I have your job?? 

OK fine, can I sit on my couch and order all sorts of stylish things from your HSN line for under $200 ? Thank you.

Picture 2
This snazzy pillow was in the latest House Beautiful, on clearance for $19.99!! 

Picture 4
$19.00 each, they come in electric blue too. 

Nate also carries these pillows that resemble TIES- would be really cute in a boy's room, don't you think?

Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7

Pillows all on clearance for $14.95... ridiculous!

And this jute rug- Great for anywhere! 

Picture 8 

$29.90, can't beat that.

 Granted, it's only 2' x 3' but maybe you could attach a bunch of them together somehow. Make a long runner...

And these rugs are cool- an 8'x10' is only $160!  

Picture 9 

You could totally jazz up a room with a big striped rug. Remember this twin bedroom? Need I say more?

Twin bedroom stripe rug 

via Domino

And I'm really digging this sleek sofa by Nate... and notice the jute rug underneath:

Picture 10 

I don't know if it would be practical in a den or living room where you lounge on your sofa every day- personally I like arms on mine-but for $499 throw some extra seating in your playroom,bedroom, office? 

And this slipper chair also comes in many different colors, complete with nailhead*..

Picture 11
$329.00 !!! 

(No, Home Shopping Network has not hired me to do this. I'm just that dorky.)

This hexagon ottoman- simple, tailored and stylish:

Picture 12
or in more neutral colors...

Picture 13 Picture 14
$399.95 each

He has good headboards too but the only downside is you're limited to white or beige-

Picture 18 Picture 19

SO, I would be more inclined to get his plain-jane welted headboard for a great price (a KING is $299!) 

 Picture 17 

and then have a slipcover made here in town. Then I can switch it up whenever my mood changes seasonally!

Today I'm thinking a pattern would be nice- much like this: 

Headboard pattern
source unknown

Bored with your bathroom? Take down your wall-to-wall, spec-house mirror that sits above your bathroom sink. Paint the newly exposed wall a fun color- something that makes you happy- and put this mirror up (for $159):

Picture 20
A little Nate, a little personal flarelittle smidgen from your {nestegg}.

Picture 21
This sunburst mirror for $179 is definitely a statement piece... Very cool. Don't believe me? Ask Veranda:

Veranda sunburst mirror

I also like this cute marble table lamp for $159-

Picture 25 


Picture 26
A classic bolster pillow, a whopping $11.

All of these products can be found HERE.

And while you're shopping around HSN, go ahead and get a snuggie:

Picture 22
One size fits all but don't worry it comes in exciting patterns too:

Picture 23 Picture 24
You know you want one.