Put a dog in it...

it'll make the room better. 

Paul costello

Paul Costello

Kay douglass

kay douglass

Simon upton domino 

Simon Upton, Domino magazine

Allison caccoma-hb

Allison Caccoma, House Beautiful

Dog via urban grace

via urban grace

Francesco Lagnese, Domino

Fransesco Lagnese, via Domino

Laura Resen, Domino

Laura Resen, via Domino

Living Etc.

via Living,Etc.

Lucas Allen domino

Lucas Allen, via Domino

Markham roberts hb

Markham Roberts, House Beautiful

Melanie Acevedo domino

Melanie Acevedo, Domino 

Melanie Acevedo domino 02

via Domino

Met Home

via Met Home

Paul Costello

Paul Costello, via Domino

Paul Costello domino

Paul Costello, via Domino

Rottman house beautiful

via House Beautiful


unknown source

Country living
via country living

Met home2
via met home

Elle decor
via elle decor

OK, I know- Enough with the puppies!!

Have a great weekend...