Raise your hand if you thought this was going to be an announcement that I was pregnant! You blog readers... Keep dreamin'!!!!      < and NO, Mom, I wouldn't break the news to you via nestegg >

I'd like to introduce you to one of my babies. This baby has a roof and a chimney, and I've been taking care of it since it was just a pile of rocks by a lake--freezing my b*tt off and discussing foundation plans through chattering teeth. This is one of those projects where I have had the pleasure of being involved in every decision- all the way down to the window mullions.


This project has been going on for the past year

In this past year I have become part of a family.

I have been on roadtrips to visit Grandma, 

sent and received over 1000 house-related emails,

and I have watched this family struggle with cancer as their healthy son, Stuart, was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 31.

In this past year I have tried to find balance in building a house and praying for someone's life. I'd call my client-"Hey! Did you like the tiles I dropped off at your house? (same breath)-How's Stuart's blood count??!"

So, needless to say, this baby is very special to me.

Construction phase is nearly* over and a new chapter will unfold. But I wanted to share a sneak peak into some of my favorite rooms:



Screened porch off of kitchen... not too shabby. *I know, the light fixture needs to be lowered. 


Looking into the master bathroom...




in the screen porch looking back into the kitchen


Living Room fireplace


*Susan and I deciding on which sisal rug to put in the main room. Don't you think this house calls for some sisal?


Susan sitting on top of her new marble countertops.. hey, it's her marble she can sit if she wants to!

So, one year later, we have this pretty kitchen...

And one year later we have a cancer survivor!!  I have watched this loving family fight a ferocious battle with cancer and WIN! 

To read about Stuart's life-changing story you can start by clicking here. His unassailable faith and love for the Lord is amazing. Here is a little clip from his blog:

Having no choice but to slow down in life will force me to connect my head to my heart a little better, and really tabernacle with the Lord in the here and now. That's really the only place that He can meet us: not in the nostalgia of the past, or the fear of the future... but right here, right  now. There is no grace for events that never come about, so let us not spend any time worrying about whether they may come or not. 
Let us just sit for a moment, at these crossroads of uncertainty, and meet God right here. To Him be all the glory. It is well.


To be continued...


Builder: Jake Huckaby, D.I.W.P., jakehuckaby(at)