little paint, long way

A little paint goes a long way. I am a HUGE fan of paint- it is HANDS DOWN the most inexpensive way to spruce up your house.

One of my clients, Liza (from Style Blueprint), posted about her front porch yesterday. She hired me a while back to help fix up her house to sell and one of the first things I told her to do was to paint the porch furniture. This is one of the few places where I almost always advise to go dark (borderline black, if not black itself). As the economy LUCK would have it, she decided to stay in Nashville-! Yea! And just to celebrate we had the furniture painted anyway. 


Liza porch 1

A few cans of black paint and some reupholstered cushions later...


Liza porch 2

Voila! A new front porch... Has more of a pop to it, right?

Click here to read more about the porch and for the magic paint color!

You don't always have to go dark. In fact, in my initial meetings with new clients there is a common saying when we enter a room:

"I just want it to be lighter.. more open."

Most of these people are MOMS and let's be honest- spending all day in a dreary kitchen will start to wear on you. 

I'll give you an example.

When my parents moved into their current house the kitchen looked like this: (keep your eyes on those green windows)


Kitchen before


Kitchen now

Ahhh.. much better.

Cabinet and wall color: Benjamin Moore- Manchester Tan

Moral of the story is:



*If you need HELP with paint colors email me. Unfortunately I don't design for free, as paint color selection is part of my real job- but if you want to hire someone and avoid the headache you know where to find me.

*Happy Birthday Mom! Love you.