home stalking in the wrong city

My friend, Mimi, sent me pictures from the latest Birmingham Home & Garden. This is the same friend that sent me the 'dinner party' pictures with an email that read "I want my future house to look like this." I know her well and am realizing she's sending me these things as a way of coaching me. So that when the time comes for me to do her house I'll know exactly what I'm doing and will finish it within 2 weeks.

We both have a tendency to Dream BIG.

Interior Design: Melanie Pounds
Architect: Brian Jernigan

*Note how in every room there is at least one piece that is large scale. You know how I feel about scale- when in doubt go bigger!

Picture 4Picture 3
Sorry if these pictures are a little messed up- they were scanned.
TTN: This room is so calming with the neutral color palette, yet it has so many interesting elements that jump out at you. The cross above the mantel, the funky lamp in the left hand corner, draperies over a cased opening,artwork recessed back into the bookcases with picture lights, etc.

Picture 5
How cool is this kitchen?
TTN: Those light fixtures are so unique and perfect for the space
-the ceiling! Gorgeous!
-Instead of adding upper cabinets they opted to keep it open and use a hutch nearby to store plates, dishes, etc.
Picture 6
This beautiful home is in Crestline, (in Birmingham) where I grew up. I want to see more of the outside! You leave me with no choice: I'll have to stalk this poor family until I see it.
 Picture 7
TTN: ottoman- great scale
-unique lighting again! 
Picture 8Picture 9  
I know you can't see it very well but the breakfast nook has a built-in banquette that is recessed into the wall with sconces on either side... great use of space!
Picture 10
TTN: Lantern, love it.
-Backs of chairs are covered in a different material than the front... 
-and a BIG bowl used as a centerpiece vs. a small one. <Scale, people.>
Picture 11
The bunk room is so neat-! With individual little sleeping nooks and a curtain rod that I'm guessing covers up each one.
Picture 12
Love this detail pic- really shows off the artwork and reflects the simplicity of the entire house.
Melanie, you did an amazing job. Go girl!
Mimi, good game Coach.