{note to month} August

-since you liked my last note-to-month so much, I thought I'd do it again. Once a month, a little recap rhyme. Hold me to it.-

Dear August,

I feel like it was yesterday-writing a note to July-

You two get together and manyou fly by.


Enough activity for one month- and a little rain
but you ended a good summer so I really can't complain.
Week 1 kicked off with a trip to Carolina-
with hiking and picnics- <TTN: the fine china>

Naps on the porch, cheese and Melba Toast

dressed up like bears..?
- well, that's for another post. :)
It was hard to leave- and I'm sure you're aware
but you're a heck of a lot nicer with the weather up there!

Back in Nashville, I wanted to cry 
when Hoyt left for his first day at business school (bye!)

As for me? Back to work- and right back on my feet-
forgot to water my herbs, then blamed it on your heat.

{..oops }
Went to Crossville with a client and stumbled upon heaven-
(miles of flea market tents right by the seven-eleven)

I did a lot of shopping, and sifting through some junk-
and spent most of {You} with this wheelbarrow in my trunk-
three page TO DO list...really, you'd be appalled.
but a great day at a jobsite- countertops were installed!
Countertops smartt 

One of my friends got a puppy- I was aching with jealousy
Nothing cuter than a baby lab- so I had to go by and see...
OH mygsshhh- I want to squeeze him, and pocket his puppy smell
Right up there with the countertops- he made my month as well.


Although you worked my b*tt off, August
I've never felt as blessed as I do.
So before September shoves you away
I gotta say..... Cheers to you.


*all photos by me, and yes- you are allowed to use the puppy picture as your desktop background. (join the club) Catherine- thanks for letting me publicize your puppy. Puppy publicity.