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About a year ago- when the economy tanked I received House Beautiful in the mail- and I stumbled upon the editor's letter. 

I tore it out of the magazine and it's been pinned to my bulletin board ever since. I think he puts it well:

I can't not mention the economy anymore. It's in the news, it's at the gas pump, it's in the air every day. To everyone who hesitates that decorating is a luxury at this unsettled moment, I'd like to say that I think home is more important than ever. Not a last priority in your budget, but a first. Now is the time to set a beautiful table and invite friends for dinner, rather than go to a restaurant. Now is the time to get a deal on that big TV and create your own home theater, rather than go out to the movies. Now is the time to paint a room a pretty color, or buy some pillows for your sofa, or dress up your bed in new sheets. And now is definitely the time to renovate a kitchen or bath, or even add a room, as contractors become less busy and more eager to please. Home isn't a luxury; the money you spend, you'll enjoy everyday.
-Stephen Drucker, editor in chief
House beautiful
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The man does have a point..

Have a great weekend~