Coffee and Mags

These past few weeks I've been going non-stop and working late hours... I have to remind myself to stop.

  deep breath,

 say a prayer,
 move forward.
I think we all have a tendency to get BUSY with whatever it is that we are doing and before we know it it's Friday again.. (tomorrow?! seriously.. where did this week go?!)

This morning I didn't have any appointments and planned to get a lot of paperwork done. (Again, no stopping.)
 But the best thing happened to me- I went in the kitchen to make coffee and realized we were out of coffee
So I did what any addict would do: grabbed my purse and started driving to the nearest Starbucks drive through.

On the way to Starbucks another great thing happened: the drive through was blocked with cars and I couldn't get in. 
So I did what any desperate addict would do: stop at the nearest place that has anything remotely like coffee.

The next thing I know I am in Borders sitting down at a table, sipping an ice coffee and slowly flipping through shelter magazines. 

I spent one (unplanned) hour doing just that... 

I highly recommend it.