My mother-in-law sent me an ikea catalog in the mail with a note that read "I thought you might be interested in some very affordable pieces!"

Ikea 1
She was right. 
I (always) am.

With images like these--
Ikea 2Ikea 3
Ikea 4Ikea 6

and prices like that--!
It's hard to not be intrigued.

I'm constantly inspired by people who use Ikea pieces to makeover a room. 

For example:
Just recently Camila at high-heeled-foot-in-the-door posted an amazing room makeover! She used several ikea elements and pulled the rest together from Joanns, Burlington Coat Factory (oh yeah, you heard me) and much more for under $500!
Danay reveal 037[3]
She went with the Malm dresser:
Malm dresser 179 Kullen
for $179, and $39.99! can't beat that-!
To find out what else she pulled together read her post. It's very inspiring!

Remember this article from Domino? It's an Ikea bed... !! 
Ikea bed
The Edland Four poster bed starting at $279.00
Edland four poster bed 279

Eddie ross ikea
He used the Manstad sectional- that also doubles as a sleeper sofa!- $899.00
Manstad sofa

Apartment Therapy did a post about Lack shelves and where you can put them:
only $19.99-!
Lack shelf 19.99
They included 12 ways to use this shelf...
Use in entryway, Domino mag
Click here to read more.
<images via apartment therapy and domino>

The Expedit bookshelves... same type concept- can be used anywhere:
Expedit bookshelfExpedit 2
Expedit 3Expedit 5
<images via elements of style>
A few other things I liked:
*some I didn't provide links because I ran out of time- just type in the title at ikea.com and you should be able to find it!
Knappa pendant
Knappa pendant, $29.99
Ribba frames
Ribba frames, always a staple.
Engan bed frame 129
Engan bed frame, $129.99- very sleek! Would look great with an upholstered headboard..
Ekby valter bracket
Ekby Valter Bracket- $9.00!- would look great if you painted it the same color as your wall and put shelves on it- great for displaying art, photographs, books, etc.

Erktorp bromma

Erktorp Bromma footstool, $99 (storage ottoman= double function!)

PS Gullholmen Rocking Chair 59.99
Gullholmen Rocking Chair- for the outdoors, and stackable!! 
Sigrid rug 24.99 
Sigrid Runner, $24.99
Stockholm rand rug 179 
Stockholm Rand rug, $129.00
Alex drawer unit 
Alex drawer unit, $119- I need one of these for storing blueprints, drawings, etc.
It's too bad I find the Ikea department store too much to handle. I think it is because I always end up in the Atlanta Ikea on a Sunday afternoon,  'swinging by' on my way back to Nashville with a minor headache after a long wedding weekend, elbowing my way through the crowd to see the ikea rugs---my hungry husband is texting me that he's lost in the kitchenware department, while a random child is tugging at my shirt and picking his nose.

Ahhh... gotta love Sunday at Ikea.

A client of mine said she heard that Ikea is having "Kids Eat Free" day over Labor Day weekend. I had to investiate. Sure enough, I found the flyer:
Kids eat free

I'm sorry... but can you imagine anything worse? Whoever thought a furniture store, meatballs and children-under-12 go together must be smoking cr@#k!
As for me? I'll stay here, look at the pictures on the website, and renew my mother-in-law's Ikea subscription.