Casa Rashida

The other night I watched the movie I Love You, Man... not the best movie BUT the lead girl was Rashida Jones. And one thing is certain about Rashida: the girl can decorate.

Remember her apartment featured in Domino??
Loved it. 
Still do.
Rashida 2

Rashinda jones domino
Rashinda jones apt. domino
Rashida 4

photos via domino mag and flickr

And THEN her other home was featured in Glamour several months back-
Rashida glamour 1
Rashida glamour 2
Rashida glamour 3
Rashida glamour 4
<photos via sohaute>

She is too cute! And insanely stylish. 
<Girl crush alert?!>

***I know I said I would piece together the winner of the Twin Beds... but yesterday was so busy and I ran out of time. I will soon though!