Geek Squad


<from a FWD email I received a few days ago- admit, it's funny>

Let's get technical:

1. Email subscriptions
Blogs, RSS feeds, etc. can get confusing so it's best to just let me come to your inbox. I used to use "feedburner" but I was not happy with how it worked. So after a few hours of reading dorky helpful web support forums I came up a with a better alternative. Please sign up (in the upper right hand corner) if you want an email sent to you every time I post something new! If you've already signed up through feedburner then you don't have to do a thing- you're already on the new list of emails. I promise you won't be bogged down with excessive emails or spam. Just nestegg posts.  It'll even have a "fwd. to a friend" button where you can share the post with someone you think might be interested. The only downside is that it will [still] send out new updates at 3am- they* haven't figured out how to change that. But for the record: I'm not up in the wee hours of the morning blogging. I'm sound asleep... and if I ever get to the point where I am blogging at 3am I hope one of you would perform an intervention.

*they: the computer empire up in the sky that I blame everything on
<via veer>

2. Commenting
I've had several people mention that they do not know how to comment so I thought I'd give a tutorial-
If you'd like to comment, here's how:
At the end of the post click on "Comments"- it will bring you all the way back up to the beginning of the post and you scroll back down to the end and you'll see a small window where you can type a comment. You have to enter your name, email address and sometimes there is a random word verification like "snotrocket"- so you'll type that in and press "Post." Hopefully that should work... You'd think they* would make it easier on us, right?

3. Search
Google classic

I've also added a "search" bar in the left hand corner of the blog for if you can't seem to find that post about "nesting bowls"-- or if you just want to google search anything. I have to admit, I google everything- and I mean everything. I wonder if the verb "google" has made it in the English dictionary yet? Hold on, let me google it.
Ah, yes: it has.

That's all. Phew... now let's get back to pretty things.