Ode to Southern Accents

So have you heard the news?

Southern Accents is closing its doors. :(

I will no longer check my mailbox to find the latest S.A. issue and say aloud "YESSSSSSSS"- then practically fall flat on my face as I head to my front door...walking-while-flipping, flipping-while-tripping.

So today I am posting an ode to Southern Accents with some pictures from their ever popular showhouses

*if you click on each showhouse title it will take you to the main article that includes all of the key players in creating each house. From there you can click to the virtual tours which will show you every nook and cranny-- Enjoy!

Dallas Showhouse, 2003

Dallas showhouse exterior

Picture 10

Dallas showhouse 2

Dallas showhouse 3

Dallas showhouse 4

Picture 13

Picture 11
Suzanne Kasler at her best...
Watersound 6
Watersound susane kasler 

Old Dominion Showhouse, 2005
Remember Liza from Style Blueprint? She has always said if she built a house she would build it like this one. I might have to fight her for it-
Old dominion 1
Old dominion 2
Old dominion 3
To see more of these pictures see Liza's post here.

Hampton Island Showhouse, 2006
Hampton island
Hampton island 2
Hampton island 3Hampton island 4
Hampton island bathHampton island living

Homestead Preserve Showhouse, 2007
Gotta love Barry Dixon.
Homestead bedroom
Homestead laundryHomestead boys-bedroom-s
Homestead dining
Homestead preserve

Reynolds 2
Reynolds plantation 1
Reynolds plantation 3 
Mystery Showhouse, 2009
I was sent a link to this post----here---- about the 8500 sq. ft. 2009 showhouse in Fort Worth...??
Keep your fingers crossed it will be in their last issue!

Dearest Southern Accents,
Thank you for providing such joy every month when I check the mailbox. I don't know where I'd be without magazines like you. You (and your fabulous showhouses) will be profoundly missed. 

**If you feel strongly about this magazine you can add on to this letter in the comments section. I'll copy/paste them in a big email to the editor- so she'll know how much we've appreciated the inspiration over the years!