'Oly Moly I love Oly

A package arrived in the mail last week with the lastest catalog and price list for Oly Studios (pronounced: 'Oh-Lee'). I flipped through the pictures and had to intentionally close my mouth for fear that my drool would mess up the beautiful pages. I've always had a love affair with Oly- I'm infatuated with its beauty but distressed with its price tag. 


I know this is supposed to be a budget conscious blog- less money out of your nestegg, etc., etc.- but there are several reasons I wanted to show you these pictures:

1. For inspiration when you are sprucing up your own house! Much like this earlier post.

2. Oly is one of those companies that proves less is more*- In each of these advertisements there are only a few big pieces that make a statement. So you may want to consider saving up for a big ticket item instead of spending money on lots of little things that never satisfy. (I'm preachin' to myself here) 

Helena bedIngrid_bed

3. On the same note, it's important to edit your rooms. Be your own editor! Imagine your room to be like a paper that you're fiercely editing- getting rid of run-ons and other wordy nonsense


3. Oly carries very unique pieces that are a part of what I like to call transitional design. Classic with a twist....  blending the traditional with the contemporary. For example:


The reason I say this is because Oly furniture would go in just about any home. Even just one of their pieces would transform a room. In other (wordy) words- a little bit goes a long way.

Willa bed room

Taylor sofa room

Stella shelf room

Serena chandelier room

Rocco room

Robert cabinet room

Marco bed

Jacob sofa room

Jackson buffet room

Isaac sofa room

Gabriel chair room jpg

Frank table room

Flower drop chandelier room

Fiona mirror room

Dakota bed room

2 armchairs room

Bruno cocktail table room

Elisabeth cabinet room

You should check out their website- there is much more where this came from. And most of it you'll probably recognize from magazines, books, etc. (Be sure to look at their lighting!)

If you just can't live without one of their pieces contact me for pricing. 

Signature * I, Rachel Halvorson  , hereby disclose that I am not responsible for any love affairs caused by this weblog post.