Dinner Party

I've had two people send me emails over the past few weeks about this wonderful house for sale in Birmingham... because Hoyt and I are on the market for anything above 1 million in the Mtn. Brook area.

I'm kidding.

(Do I even have to state that?)

Because they knew I'd fall out of my chair from lack of breathing after looking at these photos.

For kicks let's fast forward 20 years and play a little game I like to call PRETEND:


Dinner party for all my faithful blog readers- our house!- 8pm- you'll see the balloons on the mailbox...

You'll ring the doorbell with casserole in hand. (wait, this is pretend- no cooking necessary- drop the casserole!)


Hobbes, our butler, will let you inside where you will be escorted to this room and handed a glass of wine. 


Talk amongst yourselves...


Then we will gather around my favorite room in the house, hold hands, thank the Lord, and fill our plates with gourmet food. (Oh yes, it's catered by Frank Stitt. Thanks Frank!)


If you want to come back for seconds there will plenty in my impeccable kitchen. You can stay in here as long as you want- I know, it's amazing.


Oh wait, football is on? Sure honey, you can watch it- but while you're standing there you might as well help clean up! Our butler doesn't have opposable thumbs so he can't help much.


 After dessert we can all pile in here on the TV loungers and watch a Disney movie... 


Alright, alright... Disney movie in here. Football can be in the TV lounger bedroom. Oh, please excuse the dollhouse- my daughter likes to play PRETEND. I have no idea where she gets it??!!


You're not allowed in the bedroom. 


But if you feel that you were over-served you are welcome to stay in this room.


Hoyt, if you are reading this- i think it's still on the market!! 

See you guys in 20 years.


*For the record- this house is beautiful. This post turned out silly but sarcasm aside- I dream of owning a home like this when I get older. Not too big, not too small. Simple exterior- nothing too flashy! And tastefully done on the inside.