Hoyt and I finally saw the movie Up last night. We both absolutely loved it!
It's a touching and precious story that reminds us to appreciate every step of the way... 
If I were to float in a little house to Paradise Falls I wouldn't mind if it looked like one of these:
Architectural Digest, designer Jeffrey Bilhuber
Toad hall kasler
Architectural Digest, Toad Hall- Architecture by Jack Davis, Interior Design by Suzanne Kasler
the above 3 images are Carmel-by-the-sea cottages in Carmel,CA via Linda Yvonne flickr images
Catskills-House-19th-Century-cottage living, jason oliver nixon
Cottage Living, designer Jason Oliver Nixon
Cottage living jeremy samuelson
Cottage Living, designer Jeremy Samuelson
Cottagegothic elements of style
Country living nantucket cottage
Peter bahouth tree house, cottage living
via cottage living, designer Peter Bahouth
Thomas callaway
Simply seleta 
Cottage living, lnn karlin
Cottage Living designer Inn Karlin
Martha sprinkle house
a gingerbread house by Martha Stewart
If my imaginary house is going to be floating across the country it might as well be edible, right? 
The house from Up-

Have you seen it yet?
If not, go tonight.