Mr. Vanity

One of the biggest (if not THE BIGGEST) perks of my job is seeing things come to life. I feel like a lot of people have those perks- scientists, artists, builders... their ideas at some point turn into something tangible. 

It's no wonder the Disney creators assigned names to all of their little sketches. They made teapots, candelabras, rugs, and clocks come to life! It's why the anticipation of Disney World is so exciting for kids- because the Mrs. Potts that they've seen on paper and a TV screen for so many years--? You get to see her, shake her hand and even take pictures with her!!!

Mrs. potts

So when I get an idea in my head I sketch it out on paper, pass the sketch along to the builder or fabricator, and wait... hoping that it will come to life so I can experience my grown-up Disney World moment.

I'm finishing up a project where the the wife wants her powder room to be the one room with LOTS of color! In fact, at first she wanted her whole house to be painted different, easter-egg colors but I wouldn't let her. I think people get too excited about paint colors that they end up limited with what they put in the room. She agreed. So we stuck with a more neutral color palette throughout the house. But the powder room-? Her secret haven.

So we picked out red glass tiles for the floor and a bright, fun wallpaper for the walls (and ceiling!) 

 The husband, Mike, is a Master of the Arts. He is one of the rare people in this world that can visualize something AND create it!!! His talent is through the roof- literally. But as you can imagine when building his own house he was experiencing creative OVERLOAD! So he recruited me for help. 

When it came time for the vanity design I wanted something that was more masculine and industrial to counteract the wallpaper and tiles.
I quickly sketched a picture of an imaginary Mr. Vanity and handed it over to Mike....
Drawing of vanity
"Wrapped metal? Seriously?" was the response.
"yeeaaahh, but the wrapped metal legs taper a know, flare out at the bottom."
"I'll see what I can come up with."

Months went by as the house continued to evolve... plumbing, tile, wallpaper...

And just yesterday I went by to check on the progress, walked into the powder room, and 
My heart skipped a beat.
And there, right where I imagined, was  Mr. Vanity standing tall and proud.... 

with his nice, solid top and handsome, steel legs...
(that flare out a little, might I add!*)


A nice fit for Mrs. Potts, wouldn't you agree?

That's Mary Catherine. You'll hear more about her in the future as I plan on making her my full time assistant.

I realize that it's easy to love seeing things come to life when you miss all the work in between! So props to all of you who can build, fabricate and construct. I have no idea how you do it but I continue to be amazed...  And I'm thankful for people like you. In this case, a special thanks to Mike for making my Disney dreams come true!

More photos of the rest of the house to come...

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