The Hickory Chair Fluff

Hickory Chair's ads are impeccable. 

When I worked for Mary Evelyn I helped her open up a showroom that carries a lot of Hickory Chair products. Ron Fiore, creative director for HC, came down to help stage the new showroom. Not only was he hilarious but the guy is a creative genius! He would get bolts of old fabric from the closet and throw it across a bed or get a stack of books and put it on a dining chair. It was always things that had you thinking "Really???" and then "Oh yes. Perfect." I finally came to the conclusion that this man has truly mastered the art of arranging.

The pictures in their catalog are no different. Not only is the furniture exquisite and timeless but the way in which they arrange it is perfect. They make the rooms look so realistic that sometimes I feel like a woman is going to walk across the page and set a cup of water on the table.

Whenever I'm in the mood to rearrange things in my home I always go to the Hickory Chair website, look at the pictures and think "What would Ron do?" (WWRD?)

I call it the Hickory Chair Fluff.... (only to myself)

 The key is making the room look beautiful and refined while at the same time liveable and relaxed. Because, let's be honest, that's how we exist anyway. Here are some details I notice and try my best to emulate:

TTN: 1. Pictures hanging behind lamp, one is hung- the other is propped against it
2. Ottomans at the end of beds that match the bedding... very cute
3. Putting a vase of flowers on an tray- ottoman level- rather than putting it in the obvious places

TTN: 1. Love this bedroom! Can anyone guess why??
Click here for the answer.
2. Notice the throw blanket in this picture... It was like someone just dropped it. It looks so much better than if it were folded. That is why they call it a throw !
Now start to notice all of the blankets in these pictures- 
TTN: 1. Stack of books used as a side table
2. That dark chocolate brown pillow ties everything together. Imagine the room without it- it wouldn't work as well...

TTN: 1. Mix of chairs around a table (including another little table under the table)
2. The bookcase in the background... nice placement of books/pictures/etc.
3. Nice arrangement of hydrangeas to match the chair fabric 
TTN: Glass sideboard- you don't see that very often!
2. a tray with potted plants- almost looks like they were going out to the garden with it but the phone rang so they put them down on the table. Genius.
TTN: Love the rolling cart next to the bed- great idea! That way you don't have to junk up that beautiful chest
2. Layering artwork and flowers 
3. Notice the relaxed way they made the bed- relaxed, no pillows propped up... very welcoming
TTN: 1. Awesome floors
2. Use branches from outside to add a little life to a room

TTN: 1. Layering artwork above the armoire- awesome.
2. Layering rugs!
3. The simple, identical lamps are important in this room because they really create a sense of balance. Don't you think?

TTN: 1. I'm not a big fan of footboards but this one is beautiful... so I take it back.
2. The door/window looks like the panes are actually mirrors which is interesting... and fabulous.
3. Using a desk as a bedside table- great idea. The little swing arm floor lamp is perfect so that you can use it both ways! 

TTN: I like the color scheme in this room- very calming... notice the throw
2. The arrangement of artwork/flowers/lamp
TTN: 1. The mantel arrangement is beautiful
2. Ferns in the fireplace. Great idea for what to do with those inoperable fireplaces in older homes...
3. Lamp shades are all the same material and are all at the same eye level. Dorothy Draper would say this is a MUST!
TTN: 1. Framed prints above headboard
2. Layering rugs again!
3. They are using the pillows they sleep on in front of the more decorative pillows. Try making your bed like this tomorrow morning... just do it. 
TTN: 1. I love a round table in a bedroom. I don't know why... I've always wanted one.
2. What would we do without orchids?
3. Ottomans in this room can either sit at the foot of the bed or around the table. 
4. Love the wall-to-wall sisal.
TTN: Look at the way they staged the top of the chest. Notice the layering, the way they stacked the books, etc. Try to do this on one of your dressers...
TTN: 1. Baskets above an armoire- I almost like it better than when they stacked artwork up there
2. long bench with a tray of books sitting on it- and let's not forget the throw!

So this weekend when you are sitting around the house try to think like Ron would... In other words:
Get your fluff on!
(Oh no, Am I turning into Rachael Ray?)
Throw some blankets around, stack some pictures, move your desk by your bed, switch out family photographs and move them to another room. Before you know it you'll feel like you just redid your entire house! 
I hope the pictures inspire you...

Happy Weekend!