I Spy Gray and Pink*

Color therapy color forecast 2009
color therapy color forecast 2009

One of the bloggers that I (openly) stalk-Marianne at haven and home- did a post yesterday about rooms with bursts of pink- and I loved it. Then it had me thinking about PINK. I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of pink rooms and I think it's because it's very often paired with blah blah brown. Not to say that it doesn't look good- it can be very tastefully done! But we all know restoration hardware likes to take a color scheme and run with it do victory laps past the finish line with it.


But I might be calling the tea kettle black here---I've been in a gray phase since Day 1 and I can't seem to shake it. So, naturally, my heart skips a beat when I see pink and gray together. Even the words look good next to each other:

pink. gray.

And just to be clear: I'm not talking about the gray that almost turns blue or even purple. I'm talking about a warmer,stone-colored gray. Even verging on hints of green...

One of my favorites- off the top of my head- is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. I just did a client's living room/entry in this color and it is gorgeous. The perfect combination of neutral and gray- definitely agreeable.

I've always wanted to do a nursery in soft gray and pink. I used to carry around this magazine tear-out of a putty gray wall next to a pink stripe roman shade (terrible description). It was so random and had nothing to do with a nursery but it screamed "baby girl's room" to me. It was soothing and beautiful... and I have absolutely no idea where I put it. 

So as soon as Erika at Urban Grace (another blog crush) posted that she was going to re-paint her girl's nursery "Comfort Gray" I thought Bingo.
Although I'm totally assuming that she will be using a little pink to go with it. It's the American way.
Gasl06_soothingbath-724740 domino
via domino
Home sweet home

*the pink/gray combo can be subtle or bold. These days I prefer the more subtle approach... (but I included pictures of both)

Tom scheerer townhouse
the fabulous Tom Scheerer
Decor pad 
image via decorpad

design by kelly wearstler

Katy elliot pink room
image via decorpad
Gray bedroom point click home 
Pink kitchen point click home
above 2 images via pointclickhome
martha stewart living, sept. 05
Elizabeth_Bougainvillea walnut
Apt therapy
Jane-packer-tabletop-southern accents
via Southern Accents, styled by Jane Packer

Peter dunham
peter dunham designs

an Antonia Hutt entry
Bedroom 3-Haymarket Hotel[4]
Haymarket Hotel room via absolutely beautiful things
Romo fabrics 

Soothing colors, don't you think?