Berry Patch

We went home to my parents house over the holiday weekend... Every few months I get to a point where I need a recharge and there is only one place I want to go:

My maiden name is Berry... this sign has been here For. Ev. Er. 
A bit cheesy but it grows on you.

The house used to be my grandparents but when they passed away my mom and dad decided to slightly renovate it and make it their own. 
Being in the design business I learn new things every single day... so when I go home I'm always noticing new details and renewing my appreciation for this cozy place I (still) call Home.
I wanted to share some of the reasons I love the Berry Patch. And plus, I had some free time to mess around with the camera:

Oh, and I found my grandfather's old, dusty tripod in the attic and messed around with it all weekend. But then it started feeling like work -on a holiday!.... So I quickly found a new use for it: 

The Setting:

The Garden (props to Mom)
The back patio setting... 

The Kitchen

This is where everyone hangs out... I don't know why I didn't take a picture of this but right behind me is a wall of windows and 2 comfortable chairs. AKA: Prime Location

I love the little jars/pottery/artwork sitting around everywhere. Cozy clutter.
*This is a perfect example of having an all white (or neutral) kitchen and adding color with jars, small pieces of artwork, and food! 
IMG_1192 IMG_1422 
*the Jesus art is Lila Graves- and the pottery bowls are Tena Payne

The Produce
Fresh veggies, fruit and flowers from the farmer's market... Always. 
*Never underestimate the power of food and flowers in decorating.

The artwork. Everywhere...
My mom told me not to put a picture of "that ratty sofa" on my blog. Oh well, the room is in the process of getting a face lift so stay tuned... (and say goodbye to Ratty)
*chicken painting in the background is one of my mom's pieces- I'll post more on her artwork soon!

The Views
and my mom's ability to bring the outside IN... literally!:
And probably my favorite part about home...
The Animals
Mona. She's new. She's a rescue dog so she's pretty shy- but sweet as pie.

Fish, but we call her Fesh. My mom rescued her from a neighborhood near our church. She's a drama queen but her eyes are the prettiest color green. I want to turn them into a paint color. 
..and call it "Fish Eyes"
I can see it now: me walking into Porter Paint with a cat carrier.
"May I help you?"
"Yes, please. I need you to match a paint color to something..."
Buck, best dog in the world!
(you can argue with me in the comments section)
Grace, another rescue kitty found around our church. She rules the roost.
Spoiled rotten.
Baby Box Turtle- 
We found him on our walk the other day- he's too cute. And way too small to cross the road! (check out fingernails on either side of him, that small!)
But I let him go because I couldn't figure out what to feed him. And he'd be happier outside anyway.


So those are the main reasons I appreciate going home to Birmingham.
I have to say that it has a lot to do with my parents- the house wouldn't be the same without their welcoming arms (and fresh, home cooked meals).
Which is a good thing to remind myself when I work on residential homes all week. You can spend all the money in the world on fine linens and antique furniture to make your home more inviting and beautiful. But, in the words of Michael Bolton, you ain't got nothin' if you ain't got love

*a bit cheesy, but hopefully I'll grow on you