Let Me Be Your Guest, Revisited

After I posted the post below (like an hour ago) I did some more research and found more, even better pictures of this charming guest house. Because, like you, I was dying to see more of the interior! 

Not only did I find more pictures but I found the interesting, quirky story that goes with it:

Angele parlange

Once upon a time...
This cottage was once an oversized birdhouse.
 (Pretty sure my good friend Melissa just fainted at that comment- she hates birds)

I found this information on Apartment Therapy where she writes:

 This small structure called a pigeonnier was built on the grounds of a Louisiana estate around 1750. Its original function was to house pigeons which, at that time, were considered haute cuisine. (a.k.a. fiiiiiine cookin')

Angele parlange 1As the years passed, and pigeons were no longer raised, the pigeonnier turned into a very pretty storage shed. When Angèle Parlange, a fabric/fashion designer and author of Creole Thrift, returned to her family home, she decided she needed her own space.
Angela parlange 3Angèle's brother helped in the renovation by replacing the beat-up brick floors on the lower level with hardwood. He also designed the custom ladder which lifts one from the sitting room to the second floor bedroom. Angèle decorated with goods and textiles from her worldly travels and tons of pink, as she believes one should always "use feminine colors in excess."
*I want to note here that I would not have chosen pink if I were revamping this bird house. But seeing it done this way I feel like pink is genius. It needed a pop of color to go from 'birdhouse' to 'guest retreat'- anything else would have made it muddy and blah looking
Angela parlange
No joke- the built in bookshelves used to hold pigeon nests!! And check out the old brick floors...
SO cool! 

And the birds lived happily ever after.
(Roll with it...)