Rock Star Nest

This weekend I will be attending the coldplay concert in Nashville- swinging my arms around like a crazy maniac!!! No, I'm kidding. 


Well.... maybe not.

Anyway, it started me thinking... What would it be like to be Chris Martin? Or better yet, Gwyneth Paltrow? And what in the world does their house look like? 
Thanks to H&G (a few years back) we get to be freakish stalkers and get a glimpse of this beautiful home!! It might surprise you...
Gwyneth cover

Let's take a step inside their house... shall we?
Living room
TTN: cool coffee table

Gwyneth g1 
TTN: There's Chris Martin-right under the white lacquer table.
TTN: I'm digging this wallpaper. I might not have put that painting/print on it, but hey- I also wouldn't name my child Apple.


Dining room
Kitchen 2
TTN: it looks like they came to an agreement in the kitchen- had to have that dash of feminine (light fixtures)

OTTN: Imperial Trellis Wallpaper? Yes Please. 
TTN: Stepstool... cute.
Master bedroom
It's really hard to believe Chris Martin lays his head here. I hope he showers first.
TTN: I love that headboard
OTTN: Apple's room. (their oldest daughter) So sad I know this...
TTN: I like how the bed drapery fabric is a bright color on the inside and subtle on the outside. Kind of like a purse with great lining!
TTN: Stepstool again.
Stars.. they're just like US.:They buy in bulk!


I'm green with envy...!! Not because she's married to Chris Martin or because she has beautiful hair and a successful career, but for the sheer fact that I want THIS in my backyard- right next to this.

*my pilates girls will have to agree
If Gwyneth isn't at the concert on Saturday--??.... NOW I KNOW WHY.
And I don't blame her.
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